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At 300mm x 400mm x 170mm (WxHxD), NABOXONE® L H is our flagship model.  It's largest, versatile and most impactful cabinet, warmed up. It has 2 dedicated spaces for naloxone products of your choosing, and a thermostaticly controlled heating unit to maintain a 15'c to 25'c temperature inside the cabinet at all times.


Excluding VAT

7.5% off orders of 20 units or more

Lead time for this product is estimated at 3 weeks. You will be kept updated throughout.
  • No naloxone is supplied with this product.

    Initial and repeat supplies of naloxone are to be arranged by the buyer.

    All instruction and care manuals for the cabinet and lock will be supplied with the unit, along with installation instructions.

  • UK IPO design registration number 6345236. Registered 06 Feb 2024.

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