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  • What is NABOXONE® made from?
    An IP65 IK08-rated polycarbonate cabinet painted bright “naloxone yellow” (RAL1016), secured with an IP55-rated digital lock, and branded using UV-resistant and waterproof vinyl. Internal mounting plates host brackets for naloxone and the heating units (‘H’ models only).
  • How does the what3words labelling work?
    Each NABOXONE® unit is personalised with its what3words location. If exact locations have been decided before purchase, labelling will be individualised and applied during manufacturing. If this is not decided before delivery, a general “what . three . words” branding will be applied (as in the example images), and new labels will need to be sent at a later date (at an additional cost).
  • Is installation included?
    Whitford Products does not provide installation, but all installation fixings are included alongside instructions on 2 fitting techniques.
  • Is planning permission required for installation?
    Express permission should be gained from the building owner, but no formal planning permission is required due to it being a temporary fixing. Listed buildings host further legislation and may require planning permission.
  • How does this connect with the ambulance service?
    Conversations have begun between Whitford Products and some of the UK's Ambulance Services to encourage all services to utilise public access naloxone. It's important to note that while discussions are underway, full integration is not yet available. If 999 integration is a requirement, it's the buyer's responsibility to ensure they are familiar with their local ambulance service's protocols before making any purchasing or installation decisions. If full integration with the 999 call handling services are agreed, then following the installation and stocking of NABOXONE®, you should contact your ambulance service to inform them of the location. They will add the box to the mapping system and be able to access its code in an emergency incident. When the cabinet has been activated, the "guardian" will receive contact for stock check/replenishment.
  • Can this be installed without ambulance service involvement?
    Yes, there is no absolute requirement to involve your local ambulance service. Cabinets may be able to be left unlocked in some areas (see legislation) but it is advised that you maintain security and provide access to the code via an on-call phone number. Instructions on the cabinets can be adjusted to host the designated phone number.
  • How is my naloxone stock maintained?
    There is no stock of naloxone provided with the unit. Initial and maintenance stock is the responsibility of the cabinet’s "guardian". Purchasers are advised to assign "guardian" duties to a statutory or third-sector organisation with naloxone availability.
  • How should the NABOXONE® be maintained?
    All of our NABOXONE® units are weather-resistant and dust-proof to IP65 rating, impact-resistant to IK10 rating, and UV-resistant. Minimal maintenance is required.
  • Does the current legislation allow for this?
    Within government legislation, public access naloxone can be managed across the United Kingdom. The UK Health Security Agency states "We would like to see naloxone made more widely available to those who might need it who are not in contact with treatment" ( Within GOV.UK guidance released February 2019 on "Widening the availability of naloxone", section 1 states that "people working in or for drug treatment services can, as part of their role, supply naloxone to others that their drug service has obtained, if it is being made available to save a life in an emergency". Section 1.1 highlights that patient group directions (PGDs) can be utilised "when supplying outside of local-authority-commissioned or NHS-commissioned drug treatment service". This means that services have a variety of options to allow the distribution of naloxone e.g. Police services. ( With careful navigation of supply, storage and access security, public access naloxone can be made available across the UK within current legislation. With access to naloxone secured by coded lock, services can utilise NABOXONE® to manage the access to naloxone. This means that, as long as the service managing the stocking of and access to NABOXONE® has the correct documentation in place to distribute to persons at risk, they have the ability to utilise NABOXONE® for emergency access to naloxone.
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