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Closed large NABOXONE cabinet on a wall, from a distance

Naloxone, like you've never seen before



Sturdy Structure

Each cabinet is crafted to an impact rating of IK08, meaning it's rugged and robust.

Rain? No Problem

With an ingress protection rating of IP65, our cabinets are water and dust resistant, making them perfect for all climates.

Warmth Where It's Needed

Thermostatic heaters ensure that you maintain the advised 15'c to 25'c storage temperature at all times.

('H' models only)

Impactful Conversation Piece

In bright yellow with important vinyl graphics, each cabinet is the perfect way to engage in conversations around naloxone.

Front face of NABOXONE L

"If we have defibs on walls, why don't we have naloxone too?"

It's the question that all naloxone trainers gets asked at every single course, and that's because it's really that obvious. Naloxone should be available to everyone in an emergency situation. NABOXONE® provides a vital resource in the chain of survival, just like a public access defibrilator.

The NABOXONE® Collection

Consisting of four cabinets, the NABOXONE® Collection is ready to be seen out in your community. Our two size variants are L (large) and S (small). We also have H variants that include thermostatically controlled heating units.

Our four units - L, LH, S, and SH - can be designed to fit your naloxone needs!


Coming Soon.


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